Our own experience and research shows that strategic decisions on investment throughout the high innovation value chain are still being made based upon:


  • Incorrect and non specific success rates

  • Invalid risk rates

  • A lack of knowledge and / or acknowledgement of the requirements to convert a medical innovation into a reimbursable product.


Following traditional and incomplete methods, valuations are significantly higher than they should be, with the long-term impact being that even when innovations are close to market, they are:


  • Too risky

  • Not market relevant 

  • Not going to generate any ROI


The world has changed: countries & payers have played with health technology assessments (HTAs) since the 1950s, but since the establishment of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in 1999 HTAs grew to global importance with impact on pricing and ROI: In 2018 Deloitte has reported the industry average ROI to be 1.9%, while weighted average cost of capital (WACC) nears 10%.


We integrated HTA in a quantitative manner into the valuation model, including the characteristics that determine a successful assessment, with innovation ecosystem design, and how interventions launched into the marketplace.


This approach has never been done before and is the beginning of a new era for valuations and strategic decisions made based existing and tried methods and research.


Our fully integrated quantitative solutions, will let you know with better certainty which of your innovations should be invested in, how they should be developed, and provides implementable models that can be rolled out globally to maximise their value, to enable the potential to increase the ROI.

System solutions offered by Aestimo

In this arena Aestimo offers 4 core solutions which can be tailored to the specific needs of the stakeholder

Cutting edge innovation valuation:

Based upon our proprietary processes and extremely precise valuation protocols (our own risk rates and specific success rates) we can provide accurate market based (potential market penetrance based values) of your innovation in comparison to products on the market, in TAM, SAM and SOM settings. This can be performed one-off for specific decisions or investments or extended to pipeline of innovations.


Product innovation mapping:  

Includes valuation, feasibility studies, positioning of product as an incremental, progressive or radical innovation with key actions that need to be taken throughout its development, including design of preclinical and clinical studies, partners to consider (locally and internationally), how to plan and design long term redevelopment, what needs to be considered as a function of the HTA with identification of sources of non-dilutable capital that can facilitate that process.


*Note that fund raising and assistance with obtention of non-diltutable capital is a separate discussion held with the entity.

Portfolio modelling:

An extended version of product innovation mapping, with added higher level strategic insight provided in which innovations are prioritised and precise long term global partnering strategies are designed, matched with development and fund raising strategy to ensure innovation relevance to global SAMs, significantly increasing the value multiples of the innovations. Global innovation ecosystem design specific for your portfolio forms part of this solution.

Long term strategy and implementation partner:

A preferred partner status, based upon Portfolio Modelling in which over contractually agreed longer time frames we can perform a constant fully integrated innovation management system, that integrates our internal continuing R&D activities to identify value enhancing and changing strategies

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